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    Perinatal Chiropractor, Doula, & Childbirth Educator

    Dr. Charminae is a perinatal chiropractor and craniosacral therapist equipping mothers with HANDS-ON tools to improve their pregnancy, birth and postpartum experiences. 

    After noticing that women needed more than just her chiropractic expertise to successfully have the birth outcomes they desired, she decided to become a birth doula in 2015, a childbirth educator in 2016, and also take several additional body and birth workshops to truly understand how our bodies and minds operate during this perinatal phase.

    As a result, her primary focus is to provide care that allows her to INFORM & EMPOWER while also improving function. This is how she contributes to the betterment of the maternal health crisis taking place in this country. She believes that TRUSTING our bodies, TRUSTING our babies, and TRUSTING birth is how we IMPROVE PREGNANCY, REDEFINE BIRTH & REVOLUTIONIZE MOTHERHOOD.

    When Dr. Charminae is not being a badass in the birth world, she can be found being active in nature, cleaning her crib, journaling her thoughts, traveling this globe, or dancing her life away to the dopest tunes.

    It is with great honor + joy that she serves you.

    What mamas are saying...

    L. Gray

    Dr. Charminae has been amazing during this Covid-19 season. I have been working with her virtually for the past three months. She answers my questions thoroughly and empowers me to ask the difficult questions to my midwife. Though I have two months to go. I recommend Dr. Charminae as a virtual doula if you are out of state. She is a wealth of knowledge and great support system! During appointments, she makes sure that my husband feels empowered and properly educated to make informed decisions on my behalf during labor. Doulas significantly reduce the risk for unnecessary interventions. Definitely worth looking into. Thanks Dr. Charminae!

    A. Mathis

    My pregnancy was a breeze because of Dr. Charminae. I had hip and back pains that I thought were normal for a pregnant woman. I felt relief after my first session! I had no issues during my pregnancy and had a very easy delivery. 3 pushes and my little one was here! I know Dr Charminae was the reason for this. I would recommend her to every pregnant woman. Chiropractic care is a definite necessity that doctors don't tell you about. It eased my stress and made my baby super comfy. Dr Charminae is super knowledgeable about her craft and different holistic methods for having a smooth pregnancy. She made this process very easy and manageable for me and my family. I owe my wonderful experience to her care.

    S. Diego

    I met this incredible woman at a birth class that she was giving back in Dallas. It was my first time being pregnant and not knowing what to expect nor having a birth plan whatsoever, but after leaving her class I was so relieved and confident as to what to expect on the big day. I'm so happy that I went to that class because I had been wanting to go to a chiropractor that specialized in maternity and with her fabulous help she was able to release some of the discomfort in my last weeks of pregnancy. Not only did I go to her on my last trimester, but continued to go to her post pregnancy. I was emotional when I found out she was leaving Dallas to find a new journey in Los Angeles, but I know that I can always contact her if needed. LA you are lucky to have this woman in your town!